Research Center Medical Humanities


Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Dietrich-Daum (Department of History and European Ethnology)

Deputy Heads

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lisa Dora Pfahl (Department of Educational Science)

Mag. Dr. Marina Lucy Hilber, Bakk. (Department of History and European Ethnology)

Advisory Board

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gabriele Werner-Felmayer (Biological Chemistry Division & Bioethics Network in Ethucation)

Assoz.-Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. phil Julia Pröll (Department of Romance Studies)

Mag. Dr. Maria Heidegger (Department of History and European Ethnology)

Research Objectives

The Medical Humanities Research Center is represented by an inter- and trans-disciplinary group of scholars at the University of Innsbruck who approach subjects and concepts related to the Medical Sciences from perspectives rooted in the humanities, gender studies, linguistics, and social, cultural, and educational sciences. Among other things, the researchers concern themselves with the connection between society and health, questions about health and the environment, and the issue of health as a resource. They deal with bio-politics, bioethics, and reproductive medicine as well as with health and social policy. Other research areas include the exploration of corporeality and body image, gender concepts, ability and dis-ability, and issues of care and care constellations throughout history and in the present. The concepts used originate in the intersection between the humanities, cultural sciences, and life sciences. The Research Center offers a network for researchers at the University of Innsbruck who are engaged with these questions; it strengthens the existent research contacts between the Medical University of Innsbruck, the private university UMIT, and the nearby technical colleges; and it stimulates international cooperation. In addition to the development of joint research initiatives and mediation strategies, the scholars involved are keen to contribute to current discussions and help shape discursive developments in the discipline of human medicine and its related fields.

Affiliated Organisational Units

University of Innsbruck

Medical University of Innsbruck

Pedagogical University Tyrol (PHT)

The health & life sciences University (UMIT)


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