Research Center Ion and Plasma Physics


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Paul Scheier (Department of Ion Physics and Applied Physics)

Stellvertretender Leiter

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Kendl (Department of Ion Physics and Applied Physics)

Research Objectives

Basic phenomena of atomic, molecular and plasma physics are investigated by the research groups of the center of excellence Ion and Plasma Physics / Applied Physics. In parallel the results of these studies are utilized to develop and explore applications for novel materials, nuclear fusion, energy, environmental and bio-physics up to medical Technology.

The application-oriented perspectives of the branches mentioned above led to the foundation of 10 highly successful high-tech companies in the Tyrol by members and former students of this center of excellence up to now. More than 1000 jobs have been created by these companies that decisively enable physicists to practice their profes-sion in the Tyrol. In the time period between 2015 and 2017 members of this research center published 243 papers in refereed scientific journals. 12 PhD theses and 14 master/diploma theses were successfully finished by students of the research center. Furthermore, nine conferences were organized by members of the research center, some with more than 100 international participants.

 Interview with Paul Scheier (Video)

Affiliated Organisational Units


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