Research Center Innsbruck Decision Sciences (IDS)


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Kirchler (Department of Banking and Finance)

Deputy Coordinator

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kerschbamer (Department of Economics)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Remus (Department of Information Systems, Production and Logistics Management)

Research Objectives

The research center Innsbruck Decision Sciences (IDS) focuses on the investigation of human behavior in economic decision-making. The span of fields covered ranges from daily consumption choices, over basic questions on the role of economic preferences and personality traits for economic decisions to decisions with long-term consequences such as the selection of pension plans, financial decisions or decisions regarding a sustainable style of life. A special focus is devoted to the use of digital technologies and its role in supporting and improving economic decision-making.

The methodological focus of this research center is the experimental method in analyzing human behavior, which is used in close connection to mathematical modelling and empirical data analyses. Thus, Innsbruck Decision Sciences is pooling the research expertise in the areas of Experimental and Behavioral Economics and Management and is a university-wide competence center for research in Decision Sciences. Innsbruck Decision Sciences is part of the research area “Economy, Politics & Society (EPoS)”.

Affiliated Organisational Units

Faculty of Business and Management


Faculty of Economics and Statistics

Homepage of the Research Center

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