Research Center Global Change - Regional Sustainability


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann Stötter (Department of Geography)

Deputy Head

Dr. nat. techn. Karl-Michael Höferl (Department of Geography)

Research Objectives

The topic of Global Change (climate change, globalization, socio-cultural change, resource scarcity,...)
is gaining importance in society and politics as well as the academic discourse. The interaction of
driving forces, actions and impacts on all scales (global to local) is a key characteristic of the
anthropocene. The objective of the research centre "Global Change - Regional Sustainability" is on
the one hand to unserstand this dynamic and its consequences for human-environment-systems.
On the other hand, a central question is how society can meet the challenges of the 21st century
with sustainable development as guiding policy.

The research center generates space for interdisciplinary dialogue in global change and
sustainability research - set at the interface of natural and social sciences. Work on a theoreticalconceptual
level, empirical and practical research as well as implementation are tantamount. The
members of the reseach center are actively engagning in a transdisciplinary dialogue with society to
contribute to a sustainable development while being aware of their responsibility as researchers.

Currently, the focus topic of the research center is ressources. Those include natural and artificial,
tangible and non-tangible ressources as well as discursive attribution of meaning. Main issues are
the origin and potentials, limits and usage, right of disposal and conflicts and the consequences in
space and time.

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