Research Center Tourism and Recreation


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mike Peters (Institute of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism)

Research Objectives

The “Tourism & Recreation” research center serves as a network and platform for researchers from all faculties. The center aims to stimulate and initiate joint projects between researchers in various disciplines. Recently collected expressions of interest from departments at all faculties, show the wide spectrum of areas in which tourism and leisure research is carried out. After we identify existing knowledge and future goals in the field of tourism and leisure research at our faculties, we will propose a “tourism & leisure” research strategy that guides our collaboration and communication in the next three years. At least two flagship projects focusing on the impact of global change on Alpine tourism development,  will commence within the next year. The center will annually disseminate tourism & leisure research output both to regional bodies and to the international scientific community.

 Interview with Mike Peters (Video)

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