Innsbruck Doctoral College Political Institutions and Leadership in a Contingent World


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Mangott (Department of Poltical Science)




The doctoral programme Political Institutions and Leadership in a Contingent World was established in 2017 and is closely linked to the research centre Spheres of Governance: Institutions and Agency. The growing contingency of real-world politics marks a major challenge to the Political and Social Sciences when it comes to making sense of, and explaining, complex political and social phenomena. In this wider context, the programme focuses on the systematic and cross-disciplinary inquiry into political institutions and political leadership, which constitute particular forms of institutions and agency, and are widely considered as near-synonyms for stability and change. Key items on the programme’s research agenda include: the evolution of formal and informal political institutions, the legitimation and de-legitimation of political orders, as well as the conditions, manifestations and effects of political leadership in different areas and at different levels.

This doctoral programme offers young researchers from Austria and abroad the opportunity to pursue a focused PhD education firmly committed to international standards of excellence. Close cooperation between participants in the programme, such as co-authored publications, are complemented by invited guest lectures by leading scholars and international research workshops and conferences, designed to foster mutual inspiration and exchange. The programme also offers encouragement and support for PhD candidates willing to spend some time as a visit PhD student at other academic institutions with particular relevance to the research areas covered.

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