Innsbruck Doctoral College Organizing the Digital


Univ.-Prof. Mag. Mag. Dr. Leonhard Dobusch (Department of Organisation and Learning) Mag. Andrea Hemetsberger (Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism)

Coordinator Eva Zipperle-Mirwald (FSP EPoS)

Student represenatativ

Monica Nadegger (Department of Organisation and Learning)


The Doctoral College #OrganizingtheDigital: Relations, Publics, Societies promotes transdisciplinary research on digital phenomena that bridges and transcends micro, meso and macro levels of analysis. The Doctoral College thereby takes a multi-method and inter-disciplinary lens and advances conceptual research, driven by experimental, qualitative and interpretive studies, as well as related quantifications and network analyses.
The Doctoral College and its members are committed to international standards of excellence in academic research. They aspire to publish their research in leading academic journals and with major academic publishers. The Doctoral College trains doctoral students in acquiring the relevant intellectual and practical skills and to meet the standards of international academic publishing.

Faculty Members

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