Innsbruck Doctoral College Medical Law and Health Care


Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Ganner (Department of Civil Law)

Deputy Head Caroline Voithofer (Department of Legal Theory and Future of Law)


Tatjana Ulasik

Prae-Doc-Assistent Mag.a Maria-Kristina Steiner (Department of Civil Law)


Within the framework of the doctoral college, doctoral students receive professional medicolegal education, which will enable them to perform academic and scientific research as well as prepare them for the application in practice thereof concerning medical law and the health care sector. The doctoral students’ dissertations shall evolve from the programme as highly sophisticated academic papers thus ensuring the positive theoretical development in this area.

The doctoral college represents a connective link between education and research in the medico-health sector. Excellent support of our doctoral students is guaranteed by integrating the programme in the research center of Medical Law and Health Care. The doctoral students will benefit from the link to the research center in many ways, for example by gaining access to international academic communities and relevant lectures and courses. Moreover, they will be invited to take part in national and international professional events (conferences and workshops) as well as offered access to various research institutions (libraries and databases). Doctoral students will have the opportunity to give professional lectures at scientific conferences at an early stage of their academic career as well as publish their research. All of this will be financed by the doctoral college.

In the medico-health sector, several legal issues are raised on a national and international level, which will be scientifically processed within the doctoral college (e.g. patient rights, pharmaceutical law, medical device law, medical liability). From a legal perspective, public law (fundamental rights, constitutional law, administrative law) as well as civil law, social law and legal philosophy (ethics) issues will be incorporated in the curriculum. Furthermore, criminal law, legal history and legal sociology will also be considered.

Within the doctoral college, the cooperation with MUI and UMIT will support the link between legal matters and research-oriented experiences from the medico-health sector – as does the cooperation with the research center of Medical Law and Health Care. Tyrol-wide platforms for open discussions and discourse between legal and medical sides will be established.

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