The research topics of our group cover the fields of theoretical quantum optics and atomic physics, quantum information, and - since recently - the theory of condensed matter systems. The research is focused on the theoretical description of real physical systems, in close collaboration with the experiment, and the interdisciplinary connection of the stated topics, indicated also by our membership in the SFB "Foundations and Application of Quantum Science" (FoQuS). In the field of cold quantum gases especially strongly correlated systems of atoms in optical lattices have been investigated. The variety of the studied systems includes the study of repulsively bound atom pairs, simulations of lattice gauge theories and the proposal for an atomic amplifier (single atom transistor). Further emphasis in the research has been placed on theoretical proposals in the field of cold trapped ions in view of the realization of a scalable quantum computer. In particular new fast quantum gates, mesoscopic ion traps and purely quantum optical aspects, like quantum feedback have been of interest. In the last two years increasing emphasis has been put on the study of dipolar systems. In detail the creation and melting of two dimensional dipolar crystals, a hybrid quantum circuit with dipolar molecules serving as quantum memory coupled to solid state quantum processors, and the implementation of lattice spin models with heteronuclear molecules have been investigated.

Optical lattice Ion Trap Dipolar Molecules
Optical Lattices Trapped Ions Polar Molecules

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