University of Innsbruck


Contribution to Cross-Chapter-Paper Mountains in IPCC AR6 WG2

Many researchers working on topics related to mountains may be aware of the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC). The SROCC has its Chapter 2 dedicated to “High Mountain Areas” which covers the wide range from physical drivers to ecological and sociological impacts.

Beyond its own scope, the SROCC Chapter 2 will become a basis for a newly introduced Cross-Chapter-Paper on Mountains in the IPCC WG2 AR6 ( It will be crucial for the respective Lead Authors to rely on the products from the research community which may identify gaps in the SROCC state of the art and close (some of) them for the WG2 AR6. Deadlines for accepting papers for the WG2 AR6 and therefore the Cross-Chapter-Paper on Mountains are 1 July 2020 (cut-off date for ‘submitted papers’) and 15 May 2021 (cut-off date for ‘accepted papers’).

Therefore, the IMC2019 provides a timely opportunity and suitable setting to develop valuable state of the art sectoral or regional review or assessment papers to support the WG2 AR6 Cross-Chapter-Paper on Mountains. We encourage researchers to identify the potential for contributing to the Mountain Paper in WG2 AR6, form strong peer groups and make use of the IMC 2019 to coordinate and start compiling and writing papers.

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