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Euro-Canadian Academy 2023

European Seminar (April/May 2023) and Study Tour to Montreal (October 2023)

The Euro-Canadian Academy 2023, organized by Prof. Christoph Vatter (Jena), Dr. Doris G. Eibl (Innsbruck) and Prof. Laurence McFalls (Montreal), will focus - in addition to the intercultural exchange with Canadian students - on encounters, lectures and exchanges with experts and civil society actors. The European seminar in Otzenhausen and the excursion to Montreal will address a wide range of current issues such as the history of immigration, multilingualism and language policy, Aboriginal cultures, intercultural cohabitation, as well as the relations between Quebec and the "Rest of Canada". The tour will focus on discovering the multicultural metropolis of Montreal and the two "national capitals" Ottawa and Quebec City.

The program is intended for both MA and advanced BA students and will be conducted in French.


The essential of the Euro-Canadian Academy in short :

  • European Seminar "Memorial Policies in the Trans-Atlantic Context" with excursion to Strasbourg (European Academy of Otzenhausen): from April 29 til May 5, 2023 (detailed program to be published in March 2023).
  • Study trip to Montreal: Beginning of October , 2023  (detailed program to be published in spring 2023).

Both the seminar and the study trip will be conducted mainly in French, therefore a high language level is a prerequisite.


If you are interested in participating in the Euro-Canadian Academy 2022 and would like to learn more, please send your inquiries to Doris G. Eibl ( or Christoph Vatter (


Scientific direction:

  • Dr. Doris G. Eibl (Innsbruck)
  • Prof. Laurence McFalls (Montreal)
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Vatter (Jena)
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