Source List

This project aims to identify those jetted active galaxies which are most likely to accelerate cosmic rays and contribute to the observed flux of ultra-high energy cosmic rays. In doing so, it is planned to make this list of candidate sources publicly available as a service to the cosmic ray community.


You can find here the list of the sources (FR0s) studied in Merten et al, 2021 and Boughelilba et al, 2023 (FR1s and FR0s, in addition to the radio-galaxy M87).

The Spectral Energy Distribution data points associated with these sources can be found in separate FITS tables for each source category. Please note that the tables contain data taken from the NED, as of April 2023, and some additional data can be available today online. The Spectral Energy Distribution presented in Merten et al, 2021 used only data available at the time, therefore, the plots in the paper contain less data points than in Boughelilba et al, 2023.


Additional information about how to use the FITS table and the source list can be found at:

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