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South Asia


Turkmen spindles, silver whorl

Pair of Turkmen spindles with silver whorls and spiral grooves at the top. The one with the four paisley silver dangles is from Pakistan – most probably made and used by Turkmens. Its style has the character of Kohistan or Swat Valley. Glass stones placed on top with dangles on upper end. The groove on this spindle shows no sign of wear which could mean that it was mere ornamental and never used. C. 1930-40s. The second Yomud Turkmen spindle has an undecorated silver body with its old used wood shaft and worn groove dating to circa 1920’s. Size of each: 13" (33cm) long. Weight: 45,30 g and 42,18 g. Left spindle c. 1930-40s; right spindle c. 1920s.


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