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Austria, distaff 1814
Wooden distaff from the Salzkammergut region in Austria, dated 1814 A.D., length: 45".

Austria, distaff 1841

Distaff with Virgin Mary Monogram and the year 1841 carved into the wood, Styria, Austria. Length: 49,21".

Austria, distaff
Distaff from Styria, Austria, with the Christogram IHS, the year 1798 and the initials W. B. carved into the wood. This distaff was broken and repaired and is now again missing its lower end. Preserved length: 25.19".
Austria, distaff, 1824
Distaff from the Salzkammergut,  region in Austria, with the Christogram IHS and the year 1824 carved into the wood. Length: 36,22"


Two hand spindles from southern Austria (Styria or Carinthia). The spindle on the left is similar to spindles from Bulgaria while the right spindle resembles spindle shapes from northern Italy.
Left: length 19" / Right: length 19.3".


Two distaffs from southern Austria (Styria or Carinthia). The longer distaff is dated 1843 on the back while on the other one the year 1833 is carved into the wood at the transition from the blade to the handle. Lengths: 27.5" and 35.4".


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