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Nepal, spindle_3
Big wooden spindle. Length: 18.5"; whorl diameter: 2.36".


Nepal, spindle_2
Spindle with wooden whorl with geometric and floral patterns. 19th to early 20th century. Length: 11.4", whorl diameter: 2".


Nepal, spindle
Sherpa spindle for spinning wool and yak hair. Wooden whorl with carved folkloristic lotus leaf design. 1st half to mid-20th century. Length: 9.84"; Whorl diameter: 3,14".
Nepal, shepherd spinning

Nordwestern Nepal - shepherd spinning. 2010.
Image from a  video on YouTube: Northwestern Nepal Trek 2010 (Jumla to Simikot)


 Nordwestnepal  - Frauen beim Verzwirnen von Garn. 2010
Nordwestern Nepal  - women plying yarn. 2010.
Images from a video on YouTube: Northwestern Nepal Trek 2010 (Jumla to Simikot)

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