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Ecuador, spindle whorls Manteno Civilization
Spindle whorls of the Manteña-Guancavilca civilization

The Manteña-Guancavilca civilization existed from about 850 to 1500 AD in the provinces Manabí (southern part), Guayas and Santa Elena in Ecuador. The whorls with whorl diameters ranging from 0.47" to 0.61" are decorated with zoological motifs.

Felter, 450 disenos del 500 d.c

Graphics from:  James Warren Felter, 450 diseños del 500 D.C. (Quito 1970).


Ecuador, map

Ecuador, woman spinning
Woman with distaff clamped under her arm spinning. She holds the spindle almost horizontally at the lower end. Photo.


Ecuador, woman spinning 1921

Woman spinning. Photo from a magazine dating to 1921.


Ecuador, woman spinning, tripod

Woman with tripod shaped distaff spinning. The spindle is held horizontally. Postcard.

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