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Germany, free standing distaff
Free standing distaff. Hight: 73,22".





This type of distaff does not have to be held permanently in the hand but is used sitting next to it on a chair to spin.
See: old postcard/Slovakia- Czech Republic.


Germany, Isaak van Meckenem, etching with woman spinning
Copperplate engraving by Israhel van Meckenem (c. 1440 - 1503). Spinner with free standing distaff, c. 1500.
Germany, free-standing-distaff-2
Wooden distaff with tin ornaments and tin cup to hold water for the spinning of flax or hemp. The shaft of the distaff can be disassembled. Lower part surrounded with tin ornaments. Origin: Southern Germany. Date: 19th Century
Size: height c. 70.86", diameter of the base plate about 9", shaft divided into two parts: upper part about 36.2", lower part about 30.7".
Germany, distaff

Two-piece, height-adjustable distaff. Southern Germany 1907. Height of lower part 35”; Height of the upper part 35.4”.

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