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Burkina Faso
West Africa 



Burkina Faso, spindle
Supported bottom-whorl-spindle (clay whorl) with cotton yarn. The tip of the very thin spindle shaft (0,07"-0,11" diameter) is broken. Preserved length: c.  8,66".


Burkina Faso, spindle and cotton cop

Spindle with ceramic spindle whorl and cotton cop. 21st century. Length of spindle: 9"; whorl diameter: 1.1".


Cotton manufacturing in Burkina Faso once....

Burkina Faso, woman spinning
Mossi woman from Burkina Faso (former Republic of Upper Volta) spinning, approx. 1919 to 1938.

.....and now

Burkina Faso, cleaning cotton

Separating the cotton fiber from the seeds with a simple cotton gin consisting of a single roller made of iron or wood and a flat stone. Siguin, Burkina Faso, 2011/12.


Burkina Faso, carding cotton
Woman in the village Siguin carding cotton, 2011/12.


Burkina Faso, preparing the spindle

Mounting the whorl onto the spindle shaft, Siguin, 2011/12.

Burkina Faso, spinning cotton 1

Burkina Faso, spinning cotton 2

Women spinning cotton with supported bottom-whorl-spindles. The spindles are rotated in a bowl or on a stone slab. Siguin, 2011/12.

The pictures of cotton processing in the village Siguin in Burkina Faso were taken during a trip of some members of the VEZ – Vereinigung für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (Association for Development-Cooperation), Linz, from 26.12.2011 to 13.01.2012, in the course of the SEGKOS-project.

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