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South America


Brazil, Enawenê-Nawê spindle
Spindle of the Enawenê Nawe (also: Salumã) for spinning cotton. Rio Iquê, Mato Grosso. Wood, tucum stone. 21st century. Length: 15.7".
Brazil, Matipu spindle
Spindle of the Matipu for spinning cotton. Upper Xingu River, Mato Grosso. Wood. 21st century. Length: 12.4"; whorl diameter: 3.7".
Brazil, Paresi spindle
Spindle of the Paresi (also: Haliti) for spinning cotton. Chapadão Parecis, Mato Grosso. Wood. 21st century. Length: 19.7".
Brazil, Asurini spindle
Spindle of the Asurini (also: Surini, Awaeté) for spinning cotton. Ipixuna, Pará. Wood. 21st century. Length: 19.3"; whorl diameter: 1.9".
Brazil, Suiá woman spinning
Suiá woman spinning cotton, Xingu Reserve, Matto Grosso.

Xingu Reserve (National Indian Park), a reserve for multiethnic indigenous peoples and national park, is located in northern Mato Grosso along the Xingu River.

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