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Abu Dhabi, women spinning

Bedouin women in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi spinning and plying wool. They use top-whorl-spindles with cross-shaped and bar-shaped whorls which they roll on their thighs. The woman in the top right picture seems to have also pushed a rounded wooden block onto the spindle shaft, presumably to add additional weight to the spindle while it is used for plying. The plied yarn is wound between this block and the whorl on the top.
Top left: spinning of wool yarn. Bottom left: spinning yarn again after dyeing. Top right and bottom right: plying yarn.
Top-whorl-spindles with cross-shaped spindle whorls can also be found on the pages for Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Images from a YouTube-video: Al Sadu, traditional weaving skills in the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi 2011.

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