Research sites in the Inner Oetz Valley


Rock Glacier "Äußeres Hochebenkar"

Blockgletscher Äußeres Hochebenkar
The voluminous rock glacier "Äußeres Hochebenkar" (Foto: E.-M. Koch)

Altitude: 2360 m a.s.l. (glacier mouth) - 2800 m a.s.l.  

Location: Tyrol, inner Oetz valley, Gurgler valley 

Position: 46° 49' 56'' N, 11° 00' 40'' E 

Description: The rock glacier "Äußeres Hochebenkar" is located about 4 kilometres South of the village Obergurgl and occupies an area of 42 ha. The North-West exposed tongue of the rock glacier extends between 2360 to about 2800 m a.s.l.

Research: Since 1938 the flow velocity of the rock glacier is measured. Currently, also a geological-geomorphological map and measurements of particle size, run off, temperature and thickness of the ice are performed.

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