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Archive 2010

Young Researcher - Days 2010

jungforschertage 2010
Prof. Johann Stötter from the Institute of Geography visited with the young researchers the Rotmoos glacier. (Foto: Elisabeth Rastbichler)

In August once more the Young Researcher - Days took place at the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl. 20 children took part in the event, which was organised by Mag. Elisabeth Rastbichler.

After an "opening-barbecue" the young researchers walked together with Mag. Eva-Maria Koch from the Alpine Research Centre to the "Obergurgler Zirbenwald". There they examined carefully Swiss pines, dwarf-shrubs, various flowers and animals. On the second day Prof. Johann Stötter from the Institute of Geography visited with the young researchers the Rotmoos glacier. Finally, Mag. Elisabeth Rastbichler presented fascinating insights in the world of the glacier mummy "Ötzi".


Youth into Science (YIS) 2010

Researcher Mag. Jakub Žárský demonstrated the pupils from the Porg Volders in the Rotmoos valley how to sample snow algae.
(Foto: Eva-Maria Koch)

This year the first YIS course took place from the 26th to the 28th of May 2010. A class of the Porg Volders worked together with researchers from the Innsbruck University on the following topics: glaciers, snow algae and high mountain invertebrates. In June and September two more courses are offered. YIS is a programm of the "Junge Uni Innsbruck", which is performed together with the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl.


New research plan for the Oetz valley

On the 07th of May 2010 an open day took place at the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl (AFO). In the course of this event the new research plan for the Oetz valley as well as the first publication of the AFO "Glaziale und periglaziale Lebensräume im Raum Obergurgl" were presented. Moreover, the open day also offered interested people an interactive programme, which provided an interdisciplinary insight into mountain research.

Festakt unterzeichnung Klein

Tilmann Märk (University of Innsbruck), Hannes Gschwentner (Tyrolean Government) and Helmut Lang (Nature Park Oetztal) signed a letter of intent for the implementation of the new research plan, which has been developed by the Nature Park Oetztal, the Department of Conservation of Tyrolean government, the Alpine Research Centre and several experts. (Foto: Thomas Schmarda)



The first book of the series "Habitats in the inner Oetz valley":


In May 2010 the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl (AFO) has published the first volume of the series "Habitats in the inner Oetz valley". The new book "Glaziale und periglaziale Lebensräume im Raum Obergurgl", edited by E.-M. Koch & B. Erschbamer, is written in German with abstracts in English. It includes results of numerous actual studies on glacier and glacier foreland ecology (flora, fauna, fungi, aquatic habitats, soils, life on the ice) as well as contributions on climate and geology of the high alpine sites in the inner Oetz valley, an interpretation of the vegetation history and an article on historical records from the 17th to the 20th century.

More information here



Archive 2009

  • The Founder of the Alpine Research Centre would have celebrated his 100. birthday on the 18th of October 2009
    Dr. phil. et Ing. agrar. Wolfgang Burger, the founder of the Alpine Research Centre, would have celebrated his 100. birthday on the 18th of October 2009. As mastermind and pioneer he had the vision to establish in Obergurgl an Alpine Research and Federal Sports Centre. In 1951 he fulfilled his plans and transformed three empty custom houses into a Research and Sports Centre in the heart of the Central Alps. The purpose of this institution was to "maintain alpinism, science and alpine skiing with guests from all countries of Europe and all continents." (Burger 1959). Wolfang Burger was the first head of the Centre. Unfortunately he died very early (27.10.1970) and could not experience the further rise of the institution.
  • International School on "Alpine Ecology and Global Change"
    4.-8. October 2009, University Center Obergurgl
  • Youth into Science - Wissenschaftliche Projektwochen für Jugendliche
    In 2009 are two more courses of these great research days in Obergurgl! In the end of June a class of the BRG Sillgasse works together with researchers from the Innsbruck University on the topic "Glacier forelands - new ecosystems for alpine species". In September the topic "Climate and glaciers" will be examined carefully by pupils from the Adolf-Pichler-Platz-Gymnasium.
  • Glacier Workshop Obergurgl 2009
    3.-4. August 2009, University Centre Obergurgl
  • Schaf, Ziege, Kuh – Freunde oder Feinde des Naturschutzes?
    Lecture from Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. B. Erschbamer, 8. Juli 2009, 20:30 Uhr, Piccardsaal Obergurgl
  • 25.03.09: New scientific management at the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl
    The Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl got a new scientific management: Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Brigitta Erschbamer was nominated as new director and Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kaufmann as her proxy.

 Archive 2008


15.11.08: Meeting LTER Austria „Langzeit - Ökosystemforschung in Österreich – weitere Meilensteine!“
13.-14. November 2008, University Centre Obergurgl

23.09.08: Youth into Science - Scientific project week for teenagers in September 2008
17.-19.09.08, Cooperation of the Junge Uni Innsbruck and the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl

20.08.08: Young Researchers Days 2008
11.08. -14.08.08, Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl

20.08.08: Natur-Wissen-Schafft ALPIN 2008
Natur-Wissen-Schafft ALPIN 2008 – an interdisciplinary training for heads of alpine excursions! To offer scientists an extensive, interdisciplinary knowledge for handling alpine excursions the AFO arranged in summer 2008 for the first time a special training. Researchers of the University of Innsbruck, whose emphases lie on the adaptations of species on the extrem living conditions in high mountain ecosystems, the geological, climatic and glacial circumstances of the region as well as on the comparison of natural- and cultural area, delivered an insight in their field of activity and were available for discussion.


28.-29. April 2008 International Glacier Foreland-Workshop at the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl

The aims of this workshop have been:

  • to bring together scientists from different disciplines (Botany, Ecology, Geography, Geology, Limnology, Meteorology, Microbiology, Zoology, ...)
  • to give an overview of the state of the art and the ongoing research
  • to plan and discuss co-operations, new projects and new proposals
  • to give an outlook of the future of glacier foreland research  


Organising Committee:

Brigitta Erschbamer, Eva-Maria Koch, Gilbert Neuner, Ursula Peintner, Research Plattform Alpine Space - Man and Environment (all University of Innsbruck)


Tel. +43 512 507 5954
Fax. + 43 512 507 2715
Institute of Botany
Sternwartestr. 15
A-6020 Innsbruck

Abstracts are published in:

"Berichte des naturwissenschaftlich-medizinischen Vereins Innsbruck", Supplementum 18 (2008), S 1-49.

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