Workshop Zurich -  13th to 15th January 2005


arranged by Anton K. Schnyder; sponsored by the following institution:


  • Allian Versicherungen, Vienna
  • dkg Mediaberatung GmbH, Zurich
  • Ernst & Young, Berne
  • Helvetia Patria Versicherungen, St. Gallen
  • KPMG Legal, Zurich
  • UBS AG, Zurich
  • University of Zurich, Faculty of Law
  • Commcercial Chamber of Zurich
  • Zurich Swiss Insurance




  • Discussion on Chapter Two, Section One: Applicant's Precontractual Information Duty; Draftsman: Bernhard Rudisch
  • Discussion on Chapter Two, Section Two: Precontractual Duties of the Insurer; Draftsman: Helmut Heiss
  • First discussion concerning a new Chapter on Limitation periods; Draftsman: Jérôme Kullmann
  • Introduction of Jaana Norio-Timonen as a New Member of the Group
  • Report on the Own-Initiative Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee concerning the European Insurance Contract
  • Report on the Participation in the Sixt Framework Programme of the European Union
  • Report on offers concerning the Publication of Part One of the Restatement
  • Fixation of the next Workshops
  • Discussion of the procedure in respect of notes
  • Vote on a procedure concerning the Reopening of Discussions of Articles which were already approved by the Group and/or the DC


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