Workshop Warsaw - October 2013


Arranged by Dariusz Fuchs

Kindly sponsored by:

  • Aida Poland, Polish Insurance Association 


  • Proposals on:

    • Art. 17:102 (Beneficiary of the Insurance Money)
    • Art. 17:204 (Policyholder’s Right to Terminate the Contract)
    • Art. 17:303 (Adjustment of Premium and Benefits Payable)

  • Proposal for a new provision & definition on the “insured event” in liability insurance

  • Comments on Art. 17:101 (Life Insurance on the Life of a Third Party)

  • Comments on Art. 17:103 (Beneficiary of the Surrender Value) and 17:501 (Insurer’s Notification Duty)

  • Comments on Art. 17:201 (Applicant’s Pre-Contractual Information Duties)

  • Comments on Art. 17:203 (Cooling-off Period)

  • Comments on Art. 17:502 (Suicide) and 17:503 (Murder of the Person at Risk)



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