Workshop Stockholm - 16th to 18th May 2002


arranged by Bill W. Dufwa; sponsored by the following institutions:


  • Stiftelsen Företagsjuridik, Stockholm
  • Justitierådet Edvard Cassels Stiftelse




  • Discussion of Part One, Chapter Two, Section Three: Formation of the Insurance Contract (draftsman: Bill W. Dufwa).
  • Discussion of Part One, Chapter Four: Aggravation of Risk (draftsman: Malcolm Clarke).
  • Discussion and final decision about the content of the response to the letter of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) (draftsman: Malcolm Clarke).
  • Report of the responses to the European Commission's Communication on European Contract Law and the possible future steps concerning the harmonisation of Insurance Cotract Law (reporter: Fritz Reichert-Facilides).
  • Discussion of the organisation and the increase of speed and efficiency of the future work.
  • Communication of the subject matters of the next Workshop in Valencia, 12-14 September 2002: Insurance Premium; Precontractual Duties of the Insurer (draftsman: Helmut Heiss)
  • Group Insurance (draftsman: Bill W. Dufwa)
  • Insurer's Right to Unilateral Amendments to the Terms of existing Insurance Contracts (draftsman: Manfred Wandt)
  • Discussion of the possibility to accept a Finnish Professor as a new Group Member
  • Fixing of the dates of the prospective workshops:
    • Paris, 15-17 May 2003
    • Leuven, December 2003
    • Rotterdam or The Hague, 2-4 October 2004 (provisionally)




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