Workshop Rotterdam -  9th to 11th October 2003 


arranged by J. Han Wansink; sponsored by the following institution:


  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, School of Law 




  • Discussion of the revised Art. 2.202: Insurer's pre-contractual duty (sanctions); Draftsman: Helmut Heiss.
  • Final discussion of the revised Art. 4.104: The Conduct of the Policyholder in Relation to the Insured Event; Draftsman: Malcolm Clarke.
  • Discussion of Art. 5.101 - 5.103: Insurance Premium (forfeiture clauses, termination of the contract, divisibility of the premium); Draftsman: Helmut Heiss.
  • First discussion of Art. 7.101 - 7.121: Group Indemnity Insurance. Draftsman: Bill W. Dufwa.
  • Alternative rules on multiple insurance in indemnity insurance; presented by Herman Cousy and Han Wansink.
  • First thoughts on the question how to draw the borderline between Part One and Two of the Restatement; presented by Anton K. Schnyder.
  • Co-operation with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC); reported by Jorge Pegado Liz.
  • Report on the recent activities of the last meeting of the Drafting Committee in Frankfurt (30.09.-01.10.2003).
  • Preparation of the meeting with the "Study Group on a European Civil Code" in December 2003.
  • Report on the Participation of the "Restatement-Group" in the "Network on European Contract Law" under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union.


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