Workshop Leuven -  15th to 17th April 2004 


arranged by Herman Cousy; sponsored by the following institution:


  • University of Leuven, Law Faculty



  • Discussion of Part One, Chapter 8: Insurance for the Benefit of a Person other than the Policyholder. Draftsman: Ioannis Rokas.
  • Discussion of Part One, Chapter 7, Section 1: Group Insurance and Insurance based on Collective Agreement (Group Indemnity Insurance). Draftsman: Bill W. Dufwa.
  • Further Discussion Art. 2.201 and Art. 2.202: Precontractual Duties of the Insurer (including Sanctions). Draftsman: Helmut Heiss.
  • Continuing of the Considerations concerning "Borderline between Part One and Part Two of the Restatement". Reporters: Diana Cerini and Anton K. Schnyder.
  • First thoughts on rules concerning "Reimbursement of Mitigation Costs". Draftsman: Han Wansink. 
  • Participation of the whole Group in the Audition of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels; Speaker of the Group: Jürgen Basedow.
  • Report concerning the Participation of the Group under the Sixth Framework Programme of the EC. Reporter: Helmut Heiss.
  • General and Organisational Matters:
    • Succession of Fritz Reichert-Facilides (Chairmanship);
    • Members of the new Drafting Committee;
    • Considerations concerning the planned Enlargement of the Group.
  • Information concerning the meeting with the "Study Group on a European Civil Code" which took place in December 12, 2003 in Leuven. Reporter: Helmut Heiss.
  • Determination of the future work schedule.
  • Fixation of the next workshop (Innsbruck, September, 23-25 2004).


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