Workshop Cambridge -  29th March to 1st April 2006


arranged by Malcolm Clarke




  • Report on the last Stakeholder-Meeting in Brussels on 16 December 2005
  • Admission of the new Hungarian Member Peter Takáts
  • Considerations about the possible new Portuguese and Czech Memberships
  • Discussion and basic agreement on a proposal of Malcolm Clarke and the Drafting Committee concerning Art. 4.103 (former para. 4; now para. 3) "Insurer's Right to Terminate the Contract"
  • Agreement on a new Chapter 7 "Prescription" containing Art. 7.101 - Art. 7.103 including Comments; Draftsman: Jérôme Kullmann/Drafting Committee
  • Agreement on Art. 6.106 (Time of Performance) and Art. 6.107 (Late Performance); Draftsman: Juan Bataller Grau/Drafting Committee
  • Agreement on Art. 6.105 (Acceptance of Claim) and proposals for the possible content of the new Articles 6.106 and 6.107; Draftsman: Juan Bataller Grau
  • Basic Agreement on a new rule on "Imputed Knowledge of the Applicant" (Art. 1.204); Draftsman: Malcolm Clarke
  • Basic Agreement on a new rule concerning the "Cooling-off Period" (Art. 2.303); Draftsmen: Anton K. Schnyder/Han Wansink
  • Discussion on a paper on a "Systematic Approach to the Sanctions" presented by Diana Cerini
  • Discussion and Agreement on a new Interpretation Rule of the Restatement (to be placed between Art. 1.103 and Art. 1.104); Draftsman: Jürgen Basedow
  • First discussion on a provision concerning "Abusive Clauses" (to be continued in Uppsala); Draftsman: Bill W. Dufwa 
  • Fixation of the next Workshops (see "Future plans")



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