Workshop Athens -  18th to 21st May 2005


arranged by Ioannis Rokas; sponsored by the following institution:


  • CGU Insurance, Athens

  • Ethniki Hellenic General Insurance SA, Athens

  • ALICO AIG Life Greece, Athens

  • EFG Eurolife SA, Athens

  • Europe Insurance Company SA, Athens



  • Report on new developments concerning the participation of the Restatement-Group in the "Joined Network on European Private Law"
  • Report on reactions by Group Members concerning the Comments and Notes of Chapter Two, Section Five: Duration of the Insurance Contract; Draftsmen: Jürgen Basedow/Manfred Wandt
  • Presentation and explanation of the new "Guidelines for the Drafting of Comments"
  • First Discussion on the new Chapter Two, Section Three: Formation of the Insurance Contract; Draftsman: Bill W. Dufwa
  • First Discussion on the new Chapter Six: Insured Event - Claim Settlement; Draftsman: Juan Bataller Grau
  • Discussion on a new rule concerning the "Cost of Mitigation" within Chapter Four: Contract Provisions relating to a Change of Risk; Draftsman: Malcolm Clarke
  • Fixation of the next Workshops




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