PhD Program Management


In order to enroll into the program, you need to file an application with the Admissions Office. Students with a master or diploma degree from our Faculty (e.g. Diploma in International Economics and Business Studies (IWW), Master in Banking and Finance, etc.) will automatically get their application approved. All other applications will be assessed in terms of the qualifications that you acquired in your previous degree. In particular, we expect sufficient coverage of management subjects and research-related courses in your qualifying degree. Please reckon with a few weeks processing time for your application.

While it is not a formal admission requirement to gain the support of a prospective (main) supervisor, we recommend that you think about potential supervision arrangements prior to applying. Ideally, you start your PhD studies with a concrete idea of the field in which you want to do your research (e.g. finance, strategic management, marketing, etc.) and perhaps with having already liaised with prospective supervisors to see if they would in principle be willing to act as supervisor (subject to your progress in the program, of course).

To file your application, please visit:

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