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Is there more detailed information for students who are already studying and are switching to the new curriculum (from WS 19/20)? ↓

Yes, there will be such an information event and it will be announced on this page and by the ÖH again.

Entrance examination and course of studies

Can I enrol directly or is there an entrance test? ↓

There are no admission tests for a study place. Please contact the study department directly, online or in person, and then enrol by the beginning of September for the winter semester and by the beginning of February for the summer semester.

Is there an introduction to studying? ↓

Yes, an introductory information event will take place at the end of September. Further information will be published on this website in advance.

Do I always have to study the 30 ECTS-AP per semester and what happens if I don't manage it? ↓

How quickly you study is up to you. We make sure that you can study 30 ECTS-APs. However, we also know that many students work while they are studying and the pace of their studies therefore varies.

Can I divide my studies flexibly so that I can also work on the side? ↓

Since we offer several parallel courses in small groups in most modules, you have a certain flexibility in terms of time during your studies. In addition, the course times also vary between the winter and summer semesters.

I've studied somewhere else before, can I do anything with it? ↓

Yes, we look at all the academic achievements of other universities individually and decide whether these achievements are creditable. In this case, please contact the study officer (see below).


Are there any scholarships for studying? ↓

The Austrian state offers scholarships. Further information can be found at  . For the Bachelor's programme there is also the possibility of a merit scholarship, which is awarded by the University of Innsbruck. Further information on the homepage of the central study department   of the University of Innsbruck.

Are there tuition fees?

Currently, there are no tuition fees for EU citizens in Austria for a university course of study within the standard duration of study. Only a small contribution (approx. 20 Euro per semester) is to be paid to support the Austrian Student Union (ÖH).


Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Business and Management:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mike Peters

Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Economics and Statistics:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Janette Walde

Program Manager:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rupert Sendlhofer

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