Discover the Aurora Virtual Campus!

Aurora Universities recently launched its Virtual Campus: It contains continuously updated course offers from our partner universities, as well as other information and participation opportunities.

The Virtual Campus is an important step on the way to a joint inter-university campus, which opens the curtain for the programme of the Aurora Universities.

Aurora focuses on the contribution of universities and their students to social change:

  • „Climate Change & Sustainability“
  • „Digital Society & Global Citizenship“
  • „Health & Well Being“
  • „Culture: Diversity & Identity“ as well as 
  • „Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation“

are important topic clusters one specifically dedicates to and which are the basis for all Aurora offers. In future, the Virtual Campus and the Aurora Course Catalogue embedded in it will function as a central information platform for corresponding offers, which are continuously developed by the nine universities of the Aurora European University Alliance and are open to the students at the alliance universities.

Learn more about it

Here you get to the Aurora Virtual Campus as well as to the information page of the University of Innsbruck. 

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