Logo "Die Zukunft Tirols"Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann Füller (endowed professorship for “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce) from the Institute of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism, has together with the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce launched the platform www.zukunft-tirols.at . The project aims at developing a visionary, compact concept for the province and the business location of the Tyrol and to pursue the question on how the Tyrol can/should/must develop in the upcoming years.

Within the scope of a competition ideas for different subject areas can be placed on the platform. They can be general or formulated for one or several topical areas. Moreover the participants can interact with one another in an uncomplicated way and form a community.

The best ideas are collected, presented in autumn and receive prizes totalling to €5,000 Euros. Final date for  submission is 1 July 2015.

Therefore we would like to invite you, dear students, to present your ideas for the following topical areas and to make your contribution for the future of the Tyrol:

More information and dates can be found at www.zukunft-tirols.at.

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