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If you are working on your diploma thesis, master thesis or dissertation at the University of Innsbruck you now have the possibility to borrow the media from 30 (freely accessible areas and departmental libraries) to 90 days (main library, depot). Previously a written request from the supervisor with signature and a counter-signature was required to do so. From now on you can file your request online in an uncomplicated and swift way. Log into your LFU Online account and open at “My mailbox“ the request called “Application special library conditions”.

Precondition is of course the official registration of the thesis in the Exams Office.

Once your request has been processed, the permit is valid for one year.


For questions please contact: 


Tel.: +43 512 507 2410

Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol – User Department (Main Department II)

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