Symbolbild: Laptop ©istockphoto.comContinuation of studies from 4 January 2016 onwards: Since 4 January 2016 it has been possible to register the continuation of studies at all service points by paying the ÖH-fee or the course/programme fee resp. Having retrieved the bank details via LFU:online you can of course also pay by bank transfer.


Registration of continuation of studies is obligatory

Since we receive many enquiries, we would like to expressly alert you to the importance of registering your studies for continuation for every single semester. This means that you need to pay your ÖH-fee! If you do not meet this obligation by 30 November or 30 April of a study year resp., you will be automatically blocked for the semester that’s already begun.

To avoid confusion it is recommended to pay your fees as early as possible and to check your confirmation of registration at the same time!

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