Unit 1 Unit2   Afternoon Evening


Austria and EU: Challenges of foreign policy in a global world Austria and EU: The role of international organizations Lunchtime Visit to the United Nations in Vienna Concert
Tuesday Marketing cultural heritage
(Schloss Schönbrunn)
visit Schloss Schönbrunn Lunchtime

Marketing cultural heritage
(Technical Museum Vienna)

Wednesday Competition policy Competition policy case studies Lunchtime Free research afternoon
Thursday Welfare State in the EU Welfare State: case studies Lunchtime  
Friday The Austrian political system:
Austria in the EU
Visit to the Austrian parliament Lunchtime   Farewell Dinner
Saturday Travel to Innsbruck by train - check out at 11 a.m.
Sunday Day off Innsbruck


Module list:

Module 1 The European Union The European Union (EU) is a family of 25 democratic European countries, committed to working together for peace and prosperity. This module treats the European Union as an economic, cultural, social and political network of countries.
Module 2 European Political Systems This module deals with the political systems within the European Union. Eastern unification processes and the political implications of the EU enlargenment are part of this module. Also, national differences in the political systems will be dealt with.
Module 3 European Industries - Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology and the Creative Industries This module deals with the Creative Industries, thus combining economy and culture. The Creative Industries are considered the third important "future industry" apart from biotechnology and information technology by the European Union. Inn this module the interplay of creativity, innovation, science and technology will be tackled in a European context. Entrepreneurship is also an important subtheme of this module.
Module 4 European Industries - General Management, Tourism & Service Marketing This module tackles an important industry for all the places included in the program - Tourism. With a focus on Cultural and Heritage Tourism in Vienna and Prague and a focus on Alpine Tourism in Innsbruck, this service industry is examined from different perspectives.
Module 5 City Focus The last module gives each city the opportunity, to present topics that are especially important within the national context and were not covered in the other modules. In every city 1-2 excursions and 1-2 visits to well-known companies and sights will gain an valuable insight into European Industries and Culture.


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