Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that we've got by e-mail. We are going to bring the faq-list up to date with new questions....

When does the program start?

The official start of the esp-program is Monday, 26th of January. The day of arrival is Sunday, 25th of January. If you plan to arrive earlier, please notice, that you have to be on Monday in time.


When is the end of the program?

The last day of the program will be Friday, 13th of February. There we will have our final dinner, where you will get your diploma. The date of departure is Saturday, 14th of February. The transfer from Innsbruck to the airport of depatarture is not included in the program price.


What is the voltage in Europe?

The voltage in most of the European countries is about 230V (see - take along an adaptor for making sure!)

Are there possibilities for washing the clothes?

Yes, there are :) In all the four cities there are wash-saloons. Berlin is on the half way of our trip and so we suggest to wash our clothes there...


Is there flowing water in European cities?

Of course there is!


How many jackets are necessary?

In February we expect low temperatures and sometimes cold wind. Because of this, we apologize to take with you more than one jacket - do not bring your summer-clothes with you :)


How does a school day look like?

Each morning session contains 4-5 academic units of 45 minutes each, one afternoon per week is free.


Do you have internet access during the 3 weeks?

In Innsbruck you will get a password in order to connect you with internet. There are also possibilities to bring your own laptop with you (NO use during the lessons) using the hotspots in the cities or in the hotels (e.g. Vienna's Kolping). Internet cafes are not really expensive, not more than 2€/hour.


What are the possibilities for skiing?

You can choose wether to join a skiing course or not. We organized a course in Kitzbühel for 5 days - please tell us if you are interested. Of course there is also the possibility to stay some days longer in Innsbruck going to ski in the beautiful mountains and skiing areas of Tyrol.


Which clothes do you have to take with you?

In winter there can be very low temperatures of about zero degrees. Therefore please take also a bonnet and gloves with you. Don't forget to bring your bathing suite for the swimming pool in Pragues hotel.



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