Kristina Stoeckl: Networks and Ordering in (Trans)national Promotion and Contestation of SOGI-Rights (26 August)

Kristina Stoeckl chaired this panel discussion at the ECPR Virtual General Conference.
In the past decade, in many countries there have been advances in rights for people who are marginalized by their sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) movements have proliferated such rights with rapidity in recent decades. At the same time, global resistances to SOGI rights have also developed. For example, social conservative NGOs and policies on the topic of “the traditional family”, in particular but not exclusively in Central and Eastern Europe, have emerged. This panel invites papers that address the role of principled issue networks and norm contestation in the field of SOGI-rights. It is interested both in progressive and conservative actors and networks, including religious ones. Papers could address norm promotion or contestation in institutions such as the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations, transnational or national political contexts. It invites scholars from diverse theoretical and methodological and disciplinary backgrounds.
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