Kristina Stoeckl: A multiple modernities perspective on religion and the state (07 March)

Panel Religions and Geopolitics at the European Academy of Religion Annual Conference 2019, hosted by Confronti

This panel proposes the category of modernity as a starting point for interdisciplinary and critical discussion on how various scholars and theories define and use the categories of religion and state. While there exists a broad range of discourses and studies on the topic of modernity, the term is often segregated into disciplines and subfields, and not always critically applied. Used as an opaque measure, the category of modernity runs the risk of obscuring rather than clarifying the subject it is meant to address. What can interdisciplinary discourse contribute to this issue? This panel is an interdisciplinary workshop; individual papers should be limited to 10-15 minutes and critically address at least one theory or theorist on modernity (or a work that engages the category of modernity). In addition to this, each speaker will be asked to respond to another presenter’s paper, with the aim of building an active discussion.

• Marianna
Napolitano(Fscire) • TaranehWilkinson(Fscire)


  • Alexander Agadjanian (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow) - What is left of secular modernity? Assessing Operability of the Concept

  • Ekaterina Grishaeva (Ural Federal University) - Elimination of Secularism vs Synergy with Secular Citizens. Two models of modernity on Orthodox media

  • MohammedHashas(IncomingfellowatFSCIRE)-Spiritual Modernity in the Trusteeship Paradigm of Taha Abdurrahmane

  • Ray Kim (Georgetown University) - Making Modernity

    Meaningful: A Lesson from Anthropologists of Islam

  • Serafettin Pektas (Catholic University of Louvain) - Modernity’s “Religion”, Violence and Islam

  • Kristina Stoeckl (Universität Innsbruck / Central European University) - A multiple modernities perspective on religion and the state

    Language: English

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