Research topics
Development of potential drugs - Highly potent opioid analgesics - Drugs for the treatment of addiction (opioid, cocaine and alcohol) – Immunosuppressive drugs - Drugs for the treatment of ileus and inflammatory bowel diseases


Synthesis of 14-alkoxymorphinans – mu, delta and kappa opioid receptor selective opioid agonists and antagonists as pharmacological tools

Synthetical investigations on opium alkaloids (e.g. thebaine, codeine, noscapine)

Improvement of synthetical procedures in drug development

Structure-activity relationship studies on newly developed compounds

Organic chemical methods
Medicinal chemistry methods
Structure elucidation (NMR, IR, MS)
Determination of pka, logP, logD


Research projects and grants (Recent funding)

2000 - 2005

European Community EU-5FP (QLRT-1999-02234)

Opioid Treatment of Chronic Pain and Inflammation of the Locomotor System

2000 - 2005

Ministry of Education, Science

and Culture

Opioid Treatment of Chronic Pain and Inflammation of the Locomotor System

2002 - 2006

Austrian Science Fund
FWF P15481

Novel Therapies of Chronic Pain: Peripherally Acting 14-Alkoxymorphinen Derivatives

2003 - 2004



2004- 2005

Universität Innsbruck

Peripherally Acting Analgesics

2004 - 2008

AlcaSynn Pharmaceuticals GmbH


2005 - 2006

Tyrolean Science Fund

New Therapies for Chronic Pain

2009 - 2012

Austrian Science Fund
FWF P21350

Peripheral Opioid Receptors, a Target for Gut Diseases

2010 - 2013

Austrian Science Fund

Novel Opioid Antagonists for Bowel Motility Disorders

2011 - 2012 Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy Prize 2010 Development of New Opioid Analgesics with Reduced Side Effects
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