The symposium venue will be the "Festsaal" (=festival hall) in the conference centre "Schloss Mondsee" (= Mondsee palace) – see:  (available in German only, but nice pictures introducing the rooms) right in the centre of the village next to the church.

The Mondsee Palace (Schloss Mondsee) derives from a monastery originally forming the centre of the village with its characteristic church. The monastery was shut down in the 18th century and since then the place was used as a palace for a local nobleman. A few decades ago the building complex was renewed and presently hosts, among others, a conference centre and a hotel. Do not confuse the conference centre (with its major festival hall) with the hotel “Schloss Mondsee”. The hotel bears the same name and is located within the same building complex, however, they are two separate units.
Get additional information on the region here (PDF 9,4 MB).

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