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Reviewed publications

  • Ålund M., Cenzer M., Bierne N., Boughman J.W., Cerca J., Comerford M.S., Culicchi A., Langerhans B., McFarlane S.E., Möst M.H., North H., Qvarnström A., Ravinet M., Svanbäck R., Taylor S.A. (2023). Anthropogenic change and the process of speciation. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology, a041455. 

  • Carrea L., Merchant C.J., Creatux J.-F., Dokulil T.M., Dugan H.A., Gibbes B., Laas A., Leibensberger E.M., Maberly S., May L., Matsuzaki S.-I., Monet G., Pierson D., Pulkkanen M., Rusanovskaya O.O., Shimaraeva S.V., Silow E.A., Schmid M., Timofeyev M.A., Verburg P., Woolway R.I. (2023). Lake surface water temperature, S28-S30 in: Special Supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 104(9)

  • Da Cruz I., Lamatsch D.K., Rice E., Nanda I., Trifonov V.A., Warren W., Schartl M. (2023). The microchromosome of the Amazon Molly: a nascent B chromosome? Meeting Abstracts from the 5th B Chromosome Conference. BMC Proc 17(20): S1-O2.

  • Dokulil M.T., Teubner K. (2023). Long-term adjustment of phytoplankton structure to environmental traits at timescales during lifetime development and over generations. Hydrobiologia

  • Entfellner E.,  Baumann K.B.L., Edwards C., Kurmayer R. (2023). 'High Structural Diversity of Aeruginosins in Bloom-Forming Cyanobacteria of the Genus Planktothrix as a Consequence of Multiple Recombination Events', Marine drugs 21: 638.

  • Fokin S.I., Lebedeva N.A., Potekhin A., Gammuto L., Petroni G., Serra V. (2023). Holospora-like bacteria “Candidatus Gortzia yakutica” and Preeria caryophila: Ultrastructure, promiscuity, and biogeography of the symbionts. European Journal of Protistology 90: 125998, 

  • Fontana V., Ebner M., Schirpke U., Ohndorf M., Pritsch H., Tappeiner U., Kurmayer R. (2023). An integrative approach to evaluate ecosystem services of mountain lakes using multi-criteria decision analysis. Ecological Economic 204(A): 107678

  • Gogoleva N., Chervyatsova O., Balkin A., Kuzmina L., Shagimardanova E., Kiseleva D., Gogolev Y. (2023). Microbial tapestry of the Shulgan-Tash cave (Southern Ural, Russia): influences of environmental factors on the taxonomic composition of the cave biofilms, Environmental Microbiome 18: 82,

  • Govaert L., Hendry A.P., Fattahi F., Möst, M. (2023), Quantifying interspecific and intraspecific diversity effects on ecosystem functioning. Ecology e4199.

  • Langeloh L., Jokela J., Seppälä K., Seppälä O. (2023). Ecological determinants of variation in phenotypic selection on quantitative immune defence traits. Oikos, 2023: e09506.

  • Malygina A., Balkin A., Polyakova E., Stefanov S., Potekhin A., Gogoleva N. (2023). Taxonomic Diversity of the Microbial Biofilms Collected along the Thermal Streams on Kunashir Island. Ecologies,  4: 106-123.

  • Melekhin M., Potekhin A., Gentekaki E., Chantangsi C. (2023).  Paramecium (Oligohymenophorea, Ciliophora) diversity in Thailand sheds light on the genus biogeography and reveals new phylogenetic lineages, J. Eukaryot. Microbiol. 00:e13004,

  • Müller S., Du K., Guiguen Y., Pichler M., Nakagawa S., Stöck M., Schartl M., Lamatsch D.K. (2023). Massive expansion of sex–specific SNPs, transposon related elements, and neocentromere formation shape the young W-chromosome from the mosquitofish Gambusia affinis. BMC BIOLOGY 21: 109,

  • Pritsch H., Schirpke U., Jersabek C.D., Kurmayer R. (2023). Plankton community composition in mountain lakes and consequences for ecosystem services, Ecological Indicators 154: 110532,

  • Purker, M., Dobrovolny S. , Kreuml M. , Hufnagl P. , Indra A. , Kurmayer R., 2023. Quantitative relationships among high-throughput sequencing, cyanobacteria toxigenic genotype abundance and microcystin occurrence in bathing waters, Science of The Total Environment 901:165934 

  • Schartl M., Lamatsch D.K. (2023). How to manage without a chromosome. PNAS 120:e2218839120. (invited commentary)

  • Seppälä O., Schlegel T. (2023). Substrate specificity of phenoloxidase-like activity in an ecoimmunological model species Lymnaea stagnalis, Journal of Molluscan Studies 89(1): eyad005,

  • Stelzer C.-P., Pichler M., Stadler P. (2023). Genome streamlining and clonal erosion in nutrient-limited environments: a test using genome-size variable populations, Evolution,

  • Trifonov V.A., Lamatsch D.K., Makunin A.I. (2023). B chromosomes and extrachromosomal DNA, Meeting Abstracts from the 5th B Chromosome Conference. BMC Proc 17(20): S4-O1,

  • Weisse T., Scheffel U., Stadler P. (2023). Functional ecology of planctonic ciliates: Measuring mortality rates in response to starvation, J. Eukaryot. Microbiol. 00:e12969,

  • Weisse T., Scheffel U., Stadler P. (2023). Temperature-dependent resistance to starvation of three contrasting freshwater ciliates, European Journal of Protistology 88: 125973,

Books, Conference Proceedings, Reports, Book Reviews, Abstracts, Others

  • Dokulil, M.T. (2023). Die Lunzer Seen – ein wissenschaftlich-historischer Exkurs. Hommage an Prof. Dr. Franz Berger. The Lakes near Lunz, Austria – a science-historic perspective. Homage to Prof. Dr. Franz Berger, Acta ZooBot Austria 159: 229-271. Link

  • Enigl K., Kurmayer R. (2023). Evolution of lake surface temperatures of high-altitude lakes in the European Alpine region under climate change, EarthArXiv pp. 1-27,

  • Pitt A. (2023). Universität Innsbruck, Aquirufa – Biodiversität und Ökologie von Süßwasserbakterien, BIOspektrum 29(5): 551. Link

  • Pitt A., Hahn M. (2023). Wissen schaffen mit Citizen Scientists: Biodiversität und Ökologie von Süßwasserbakterien. Biologie in unserer Zeit, 53(3): 272–279.

  • Schirpke U., Ebner M., Fontana V., Enigl K., Ohndorf M., Pritsch H., Kurmayer R. (2023). Climate response of alpine lakes and impacts on ecosystem services, Landscape Online 98: 1109, doi:10.3097/LO.2023.1109.

  • Schirpke U., Ebner M., Fontana V., Ohndorf M., Enigl K., Pritsch H., Pla-Rabes S., Ilyashuk B., Kurmayer R. (2023).
    Climate response of alpine lakes: Resistance variability and management consequences for ecosystem services (CLAIMES). FINAL REPORT doi: 10.1553/ESS-CLAIMESs1 88pp.

  • Weisse T. (2023). Editorial, European Journal of Protistology,


Diploma & Masters Theses 

Seywald, S. (2023). Does connectivity affect phytoplankton species and functional diversity? MSc thesis Universität Innsbruck, pp. 29 (supervision: T. Weisse)

Olgun, A. (2023). Population-genetic structure of Austrian Carassius spp. populations and their artificially bred F1 and F2 offspring (supervision: D. Lamatsch and J. Wanzenböck)




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