Rene Schwaiger

Science is....the most meaningful way to find truth.
Rene Schwaiger

Department of Banking and Finance


Major Areas of Research
Behavioral Economics and Finance, Social Preferences

Which Research Methods do you apply... 

Who are the other Members of your Team in Innsbruck?
Sebastian Bachler, Sarah Flecke, Christoph Huber, Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler, Christian König, Michael Razen, Matthias Stefan

Which of your Papers should the others know? 

  • Schwaiger, R., Kirchler, M., Lindner, F., Weitzel, U. (2020): Determinants of investor expectations and
    satisfaction. A study with financial professionals. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 110 (103675).

  • Schwaiger, R., Huber, J., Kirchler, M., Kleinlercher, D., Weitzel, U. (2020): Unequal Opportunities, Social Groups, and Redistribution. Working Papers in Economics and Statistics 2020-26.

  • Dufwenberg, M., Johansson-Stenman, O., Kirchler, M., Lindner, F., Schwaiger, R. (2021): Mean Markets or Kind Commerce? Working Papers in Economics and Statistics 2021-07.

What do you expect from IDS?
Closer collaboration with colleagues from the various organizational units conducting research in similar areas, as well as more prominent communication of research results to the general public.

Science is....?
the most meaningful way to find truth.

Being a Researcher and Teacher is?
a very fulfilling job, as you can contribute to the understanding of economic and social relationships and knowledge while also passing this on to students as a lecturer.

I like...
social progression and good food.

I don´t like...
social regression and bad food.

The major Societal Challenge is.....
climate change (and economic inequality).

My preferred Holiday Destination is...
everywhere where one can relax.


Stand: April 2021

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