Kathrin Figl

Science is....the search for the truth.
Kathrin Figl

Information Systems, Production and Logistics Management


Major Areas of Research
Digital Nudging, Human-Centric Information System Design, Fake News, Algorithmic Management

Which Research Methods do you apply... 
Experiments, Online Questionnaires, Eye-Tracking

Who are the other Members of your Team in Innsbruck?
Samuel Kiessling

Which of your Papers should the others know? 

What do you expect from IDS?
Research Collaborations and Inspiration

Science is....?
the search for the truth..

Being a Researcher and Teacher is?
fulfilling and an honor.

I like...
designing new experiments.

I don´t like...

The major Societal Challenge is.....
distributive justice.

My preferred Holiday Destination is...
Dubai, Singapur


Stand: April 2021

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