Andreas Eckhardt

Science is....the knowledge supplier for our society.
Andreas Eckhardt

Department of Information Systems, Production and Logistics Management


Major Areas of Research
Information Security, Digital Innovation, IT Identity, Virtualization of Organizations, Ethical Design 

Which Research Methods do you apply... 
Survey, Case Study, Experiment, Action Design Research

Who are the other Members of your Team in Innsbruck?
Victoria Reibenspiess, Tim Kollmer, Robert Lamprecht

Which of your Papers should the others know?

What do you expect from IDS?
Information Exchange, Interdisciplinary Research Projects

Science is....?
the knowledge supplier for our society.

Being a Researcher and Teacher is?
my life. 

I like...
new and inspiring ideas.

I don´t like...
individual and structural inertia.

The major Societal Challenge is.....
Covid-19 (at the moment).

My preferred Holiday Destination is...
somewhere I haven't been yet.


Stand: April 2021

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