IBA researchers identified novel inhibitors for NADPH oxidase Nox4

Nox4 is a member of the NADPH oxidase family with an important role in cellular physiology, including regulation of signaling, cell differentiation and cell proliferation. Increasing evidence suggests that altered activity of Nox4 contributes to a variety of human diseases, such as pulmonary fibrosis, casrdiovascular diseases, benign prostate hyperplasia etc. Nox4 is a promising drug target; however, reliable pharmacological inhibitors for Nox4 are not available yet. IBA researchers have set up a screening platform and identified several new Nox4 inhibitors derived from edible plants. These compounds are currently being tested in cellular assays, to select a few compounds for application in pharmacological and nutraceutical applications.

Kofler PA, Pircher H, von Grafenstein S, Diener T, Höll M, Liedl KR, Siems K, Jansen-Dürr P.
Characterisation of nox4 inhibitors from edible plants.
Planta Med. 2013 Mar;79(3-4):244-52. doi: 10.1055/s-0032-1328129. Epub 2013 Jan 23.
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