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Guest Lecture

Risk Journalism - conceptualizing journalism in times of global crises (work in progress)

Prof. Ingrid Volkmer

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

2:00 pm

Hörsaal 3, Sowi


Prof. Ingrid Volkmer
University of Melbourne | MSD · School of Culture and Communication

Abstract: To cover the complexity of globalized crises – ranging from climate change to the COVID pandemic –constitutes today a key challenge for journalists across all continents. While decades ago these crises were perceived in national terms, today – as climate change debates show – the world community is seen as the key sphere to act, collaborate and solve the climate change threat.

This article argues that within this new inclusive globalized crisis scenario, journalism in the Global North and Global South has the responsibility to (1) move away from national coverage to communicate the increasingly important interdependent sphere of globalized crises and (2) journalists take on active roles as cosmopolitan actors.

Eva Zipperle-Mirwald & Josephine Pöll

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