Students’ Section


Material in this section is designed for current or prospective students in Environmental Economics and Regional Development of the University of Innsbruck or other institutions.

Topics for Bachelor or Master Thesis

We welcome students for the development of Bachelor or Master Thesis in the following topics:

With Dr. Esther Blanco

  • Experimental economics applied to environmental issues: Including common-pool resources and public good experiments among others.
  • Firms' corporate social responsibility with a focus on environmental aspects: Ecolabels, codes of good practices, voluntary environmental behavior.
  • Game theory analysis of environmental problems: Strategic behavior of economic agents for environmental decisions.

With Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hannelore Weck-Hannemann

  • Environmental economics & market failure, instruments of environmental policy, political economy of environmental issues, valuation of the environment.
  • Natural hazards and risk manangement.

With Dr. Elisabeth Gsottbauer

  • Analyze the design of conservation policies to protect natural resources (e.g. economic incentives such as Payments for Ecosystem Services)
  • Applying behavioral economics to policy design with a focus on policy interventions to increase pro-social/pro-environmental behavior (e.g. eneregy conservation etc.)


Topics on Regional Development

  • Social Capital, Regional Economics, Regional Development, Innovation, Geographical Economics…

Job Opportunities for Environmental Economists

INOMICS. Job Market for Economists

Job Market of the European Association of Environmental and Natural Resource Economists

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