Invited Speakers

The following invited speakers have already accepted our invitation:

  • Francesco Ancilotto, University of Padova:
    "Vortices in He-4 nanodroplets from Density Functional calculations"
  • Florent Calvo, University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I:
    "Modeling parahydrogen clusters around molecular and ionic impurities: size effects and scaling laws"
  • Adam Simon Chatterley, Aarhus University:
    "Three dimensional molecular alignment inside helium nanodroplets"
  • Gary Douberly, University of Georgia:
    "New insights into the dynamics of molecular radical reactions in helium droplets"
  • Andrew M. Ellis, Leicester University:
    "Spectroscopy of solute-solvent complexes in helium nanodroplets"
  • Jussi Eloranta, California State University at Northridge:
    "Optical detection of nano- and micrometer-scale particles in superfluid helium"
  • Wolfgang Ernst, Technical University of Graz:
    "Metal clusters and nanowires prepared in superfluid helium droplets: structure, phase transitions and alloy formation at atomic resolution"
  • Francesca Ferlaino, University of Innsbruck:
    "Quantum-Fluctuation-Driven Crossover from a Dilute Bose-Einstein Condensate to a Macrodroplet in a Dipolar Quantum Fluid"
  • Oliver Gessner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:
    "Visualizing the femtosecond emergence and picosecond evolution of an anisotropic nanoplasma"
  • Miguel Gonzalez Perez, University of Barcelona:
    "Reaction dynamics in superfluid helium nanodroplets from a theoretical perspective"
  • Eugene Gordon, Russian Academy of Sciences:
    "Local overheating under physical and chemical processes in superfluid helium"
  • Nadine Halberstadt, University of Toulouse:
    "Real time excited state dynamics of alkali-doped helium nanodroplets: A TDDFT study"
  • Andreas Hauser, TU Graz:
    "The Csx-C60 reaction in superfluid helium nanodroplets: An example for a spatially quenched electron transfer"
  • Masahiko Ichihashi, Toyota Technological Institute:
    "Cluster-Cluster Collisions and Cluster-Complex Formation of Helium Clusters with Size-Selected Metal Clusters"
  • Lev Kazak, University of Rostock:
    "Photoemission from doped Helium droplets in intense laser fields"
  • Sergey Krasnokutskiy, University of Jena:
    "Carbon chemistry in helium droplets"
  • Maria Pilar de Lara Castells, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Madrid):
    "Quantum Nuclear Motion of Helium and Molecular Nitrogen Clusters in Carbon Nanotubes"
  • Mikhail Lemeshko, IST Austria:
    "Quasiparticle approach to molecules interacting with quantum solvents"
  • Marius Lewerenz, Université Paris-Est
  • Albrecht Lindinger, FU Berlin:
    "Selective multiphoton excitation of molecules on helium droplets by tailored laser pulses "
  • Frédéric Merkt, ETH Zürich:
    "Spectroscopic and reaction-dynamics experiments with cold molecules"
  • Daniel Merthe, University of Southern California:
    "Electrostatic Orientation of Cold Molecules and Deflection of Neutral Doped Helium Nanodroplets "
  • Peter Moroshkin, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science:
    "Laser spectroscopy of Dy atoms in superfluid helium: Zero-phonon lines and phonon wings"
  • Benjamin Shepperson, Aarhus University:
    "Laser-induced alignment of molecules in He-nanodroplets:Long-time coherence, revivals, and breaking-free"
  • Alkwin Slenczka, University of Regensburg:
    "Electronic Spectroscopy in Superfluid Helium Droplets"
  • Frank Stienkemeier, University of Freiburg:
    "Phase-modulated wave packet interferometry of doped helium nanodroplets"
  • Andrey Vilesov, University of Southern California:
    "Vortices in Helium Droplets"
  • Klaus von Haeften, Leicester University:
    "Investigating molecular interactions in helium with control: impulsive alignment in the gas phase versus thermal equilibrium in the bulk"
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