September 2017 workshop: Long Term Research in Mountain Areas

New workshop lead by the UIBK Institute of Ecology

September 29 – October 3, 2017 at University Centre Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria

Long-term research programs steadily gained in importance over the last decades, monitoring worldwide issues such as climate change, land use changes, deposition and accumulation of pollutants, acceleration of socio-economic evolution, and analyzing their influences on ecosystems. Ecological and socio-ecological questions in mountain areas can hardly be answered by short funding cycles such as 3-years-projects. Thus, long-term research involving different disciplines and scales is a promising way for gaining comprehensive knowledge to develop amendatory strategies. Long-term research means standardization of methods, long-term data storing and handling, and well-defined evaluation procedures.


With this workshop we want to provide:

  • a platform for sharing information on long term activities in mountain areas
  • a discussion forum for methods, data handling and evaluation
  • round tables for discussions of joint projects
  • an opportunity to get together in a marvelous mountain resort


We are aiming to cover three main topics:

  • Long-term monitoring: methods & data management
  • Long-term monitoring & global warming
  • Long-term monitoring & agricultural practices  


We invite researchers working on long-term studies in mountain areas to share their results, their expertise in monitoring techniques and their experiences in stakeholder demands. We plan to invite (1-2) keynote speakers to stimulate the discussions. Talks and posters are welcome and we appreciate suggestions on discussion topics and round tables.

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